I started to play electric guitar very late, when i was 18. Actually i tried some classic guitar when i was 12, but it didn’t work at all. Now my main projects are INFERNAL POETRY, DARK LUNACY and a Ozzy Osbourne tribute band called LIVE&LOUD.
There is so much more i would like to do, more projects, more bands, more tours…but as you can imagine…i also have to run a job to survive.

INFERNAL POETRY is focused on experimental death metal (sometimes more, sometimes less experimental, depending on the realease). It’s my first band, we have several official releases with different labels and we try to tour in Italy and Europe as much as possible.
DARK LUNACY is a symphonic metal band from Parma (about 300 kms faraway from where i actually live!) with a lot of classical elements such as violins, cellos, violas, pianos. This band has several releases, a good fanbase in Italy but has more followers in Mexico and Russian Confederation, places where we tour when we can.
LIVE&LOUD is just for fun, and what a fun! No stress, no anxiety, no recording or songwriting…just playing great songs.

You can find infos on each band choosing from the MUSIC menù.




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